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Sunday Snippets

I made it to church on Sunday morning. The Anglican Church where I attend services is a few towns away and I don’t always make it over there. It’s a lovely little church. Quaint and simple with a high ceiling adorned only by polished wood beams. We had a small harvest thanksgiving service followed by… Continue reading Sunday Snippets


The Lunar Eclipse

I was scrolling through my feed on social media and saw that my daughter posted “ lunar eclipse now!” And I thought… huh? They live in Saipan so we are only an hour apart in time zone. Thankfully my camera battery still had some juice left. I snapped a few photos. Not the best because… Continue reading The Lunar Eclipse

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Simple Mindful Living -what does it mean?

We often read about or hear these words-mindful or simple living. This morning when I was walking to class I was thinking about it and I realized that simple living really depends upon many factors. It seems that generally simple living is defined as reducing your possessions or becoming more self sufficient. It also carries… Continue reading Simple Mindful Living -what does it mean?